Monday, December 22, 2008

Download Math Help Video Lessons

Math Made Simple Is an online source of Downloadable Math Help Lessons for high school level math and some basic math (fractions, etc.) Each lesson is like a class on a particular topic and is about an hour or so long.

These straight forward video lessons are a learning resource that has helped to improve the math skills of individuals in high school, middle school, adult education, and home schooling programs. They will also be helpful in light of the situation today where there is a need for workers to retrain and upgrade their math skills for promotion, job retention or new employment opportunities.

The video lessons are a useful reference resource for Math teachers. Math teachers have recommended the videos to students who have missed a class or classes because of sports, travelling, illness or just did not quite understand the topic in class and need a little extra help. This has enabled busy teachers to find math help online for their students.

Video lessons can be downloaded 24/7 and watched as many times as necessary; thus allowing viewers to learn when they want and at their own pace. No additional materials, textbooks or tutors are required to learn Math from these lessons.

The videos explain traditionally complex concepts by utilizing a full range of teaching techniques to address individual learning styles. “Seeing, hearing, and doing” are incorporated in an interactive approach that teaches through solving examples. First there is an explanation of the concepts that is followed by seeing and hearing very clear and detailed step by step solutions to many different example questions. At the end of each lesson there is a set of Review Questions for the learner to do. Detailed solutions to the Review Questions are provided.
An Example Question:
There are 65 lessons covering:
  • basic math, fractions, ratio proportion percent etc.
  • algebra I & II
  • trigonometry
  • exponents and logarithms
  • permutations and combinations
  • coordinate geometry
  • sequences and series
The video lessons have all been designed and prepared by a certified math teacher. Downloads are very reasonably priced.

Lesson packages are available that make the cost per lesson very affordable.

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