Saturday, January 10, 2009

Integers and Absolute Value

7 min preview of Lesson 105, a 70 min math lesson focusing on the rules for integers and absolute value. This lesson also covers expressions with negative fractions and order of operations. I hope you find it helpful.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Need to Improve Math Skills

The New York Times reported Math Skills Suffer in U.S., Study Finds

In this article Ms. Wood, completing her doctorate in math at Princeton University, was quoted,

“There’s just a stigma in this country about math being really hard and feared, and people who do it being strange”

I was disappointed to see this but can agree (looking at my years of teaching math) that math is harder for some students than others and for some of those who do find it hard, it can become a dreaded “I just can’t do it” subject.

I have seen a lot of high school students and adult learners who have struggled with math. Their difficulties have ranged from not quite understanding a topic in class to adults who are long out of school, saying “I never could do math”. Now is the time to encourage Math students and Adult learners to find and use Math help resources.

There is simply not enough time in the week for teachers to provide all of the math help that is needed, and suitable tutoring may not be available or may be expensive. In my Continuing Ed Math classes, I’ve taught adults who at the beginning of the semester were the “I never could do math” people and by the end of the semester would say ”Math is not nearly as bad as I thought, wow!”. These adults had the ability to do Math but did not know it and did not get help when they were students.

The internet offers a great avenue to find Math help. In my case, I decided to make comprehensive and topic specific Math Video Lessons. They are available, at a reasonable price, online for downloading to a learner's computer.

My Video Lessons can also be made available to high schools with an intranet or system that would would allow students to access resources on the school’s computers. These lessons can also be a potentially valuable resource for teachers to suggest to a student when they have missed class or start to have difficulties.

Similarily these Math Video Lessons can be made available to Companies who want to provide a means for their employees to use to upgrade their Math Skills. Math Video Lessons

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